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Tomato Plants: 29 varieties

Berkeley Tie-Dye : 65-70 days, Indeterminate. 8-12 oz. fruit with exceptional taste that should appeal to gardeners and chefs alike.

Pork Chop: 75-85 days, Indeterminate.  A true yellow with green stripes.  Medium size, slightly flattened fruits.  Sweet tomato taste with a hint of citrus.

Mountain Majesty: 78 days, Determinate.  Outstanding extra-large fruit that is very disease resistant.  Good for eating fresh or canning.

Agriset: 75 days, Indeterminate.  Sweet, bite-size grape tomatoes produced in clusters of 20 or more.

Premio: 68 days, Indeterminate.  A plant that produces clusters of 6-8 fruits that weigh 4 oz.  Very disease resistant.

Cherokee Purple: 80 days, Indeterminate.  Heirloom giant beefsteak that is juicy and flavorful.  Attractive color.

Chocolate Cherry: 70 days, Indeterminate.  Delicious, 1 inch fruits.


German Johnson: 78 days, Indeterminate.  Reddish-pink fruit,crack-resistant, weighing 1 pound o more.

Arkansas Traveler: 75 days, Indeterminate.  Pinkish cast, mild flavor with 6-8 oz. fruit.

Mr. Stripey: 80 days, Indeterminate. Large, 10-12 oz. fruits with red and yellow stripes.

Costoluto Genovese: 85 days, indeterminate. Italian variety with rich flavor.  6 oz. fruits often used in cooking.

Brandywine: 90 days, Indeterminate.  Huge, sweet 10-11 oz. fruit.  This potato-leaved variety is a favorite for taste

Polish Linguisa: 73 days, Indeterminate.  10-12 oz. meaty, sausage shaped fruits.  Good for sauces and canning.

Amish Paste: 85 days, Indeterminate.  Bright red, 8-12 oz. juicy, and meaty fruits.

Boxcar Willie: 80 days, Indeterminate.  Smooth, crack-free, 10-16 oz. fruits.  Ideal for canning or freezing.

Black Krim: 80 days, Indeterminate.  8 oz. fruit with wonderful flavor.

Mortgage Lifter: 83 days, Indeterminate.  Heavy yields of huge, low-acid pink fruits.


Heirloom varieties grafted onto a wild,hardy rootstock.  Same old-time taste with higher yields and better disease resistance.


Park's Whopper: 65 days, Indeterminate.  Heavy-yielding, 12 oz.and larger, disease and crack-resistant tomatoes.

Celebrity: 72 days, Determinate.  8 oz. canner.  Resistant to disease.

Better Boy: 75 days, Indeterminate.  Big, meaty, 8 oz. and larger fruits.

Burpee's Big Boy: 78 days, Indeterminate.  Attractive, 10-16 oz. rich-flavored fruits.

Big Beef: 73 days, Indeterminate.  Exceptional yields of large, 9-11 oz. early maturing fruits.

Lemon Boy:  72 days, Indeterminate.  Lemon-colored 3 in. diameter fruits with excellent flavor.

Beefmaster: 80 days, Indeterminate.  Large yields of deep red, 12-16 oz. fruits.

Sweet 100: 65 days, Indeterminate.  Huge clusters of 1/2 inch ,very sweet cherry tomatoes.

Patio: 70 days, Determinate.  Dwarf variety, ideal for  growing in containers.  3-4 oz. flavorful fruits.

La Roma lll: 76 days, Determinate.  Big yields of 5-8 oz. Italian type paste tomatoes.

Oregon Spring: 58 days, Determinate.  Cold-tolerant plants set concentrated medium to large fruits.  Ideal for canning.

Early Girl: 52 days, Indeterminate.  Early harvests of flavorful, 4-6 oz. fruits.

PEPPER PLANTS -28 varieties

Sweet Peppers:

Bell Boy Hyb.: 70 days, thick-walled, 4-lobed green to red fruits.

Big Bertha Hybrid: 72 days.  One of the largest, elongated, 3-4 lobed bell pepper available.

Lady Bell Hybrid: 71 days.  Uniform, 3-4 lobed, with medium thick walls.

Gloria Hybrid: 70 days.  Large, 5 inch, thick-walled yellow fruits.

Merlot Hybrid: 68 days.  5 x 4 inch blocky, violet sweet fruits.

Muscato Hybrid: 75 days.  5 x 4 inch orange bell with thick walls.

Yum Yum Hybrid: 55 days.  Nearly seedless.  Oh so sweet little peppers.  Found in grocery stores.

Petite Colour Blend: 65 days.  Rainbow of delicious mini-bells.

Giant Marconi:  72 days.  8x3 inch Italian pepper.  Great roasted or grilled.

Corno di Toro:  75 days.  Heirloom, Italian, sweet frying pepper with 8 inch fruits.

Sweet Banana: 65 days.

Cubanelle:  75 days.

Sweet Cherry:  75 day Heirloom.



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Hot Peppers: * NOTE* The higher the number of scoville units, the hotter the pepper!

Chili de Arbol:  80 days.  Cayenne type.  15,000 - 30,000 scoville units.  Popular in Mexican cooking.

Cascabel:  90 days.  Known as "bola chili".  2-3 inch diameter fruit.  2500 - 8000 scoville units.  Used in Mexican cooking.

Guajillo:  85 days.  2500 - 4000 scoville units.  3 in. long x 1 in. wide.  Excellent for salsas and sauces.

Pasilla Bajo:  75 -80 days.  8 - 10 in. long, ripening to dark brown.  1000 -2000 scoville units.  Used in Mexican cooking.

Fresno Chili:  80 days.  5000 scoville units.  Used in salsas.

Fish Pepper:  75 days.  Medium hot. Variegated foliage.

Anaheim:  75 days.  Known as the new Mexican chili.  500 - 2500 scoville units.

Cayenne:  75 days.  Known as crushed red pepper.  50,000 scoville units.

Habanero:  90 days.  100,000 - 350,000 scoville units.

Hungarian Hot Wax:  70 days.  5000 - 10,000 scoville units.

Ghost:  100 days.  1,000,000 scoville units.

Jalapeno:  75 days.  2500- 5000 scoville units.

Poblano:  75 -80 days.  1000 - 2000 scoville units.  Used to make chili rellenos and chili powder.

Serrano:  75 - 80 days.  25,000 scoville units. 

Red Hot Cherry:  80 days. 

Parsley: Triple - curled and Italian large leaf

French Tarragon


English Thyme

Lavender Munstead

Sweet Marjoram

Mint Mojito

Greek Oregano

Squash:  Buttercup, Butternut, Honey Bear (miniature acorn), Blue Hubbard (miniature), Sweet Dumpling, Zucchini, Aristocrat


Watermelon:  Crimson Sweet and Sugar Baby


Basil:  Italian Large Leaf



Garden Sage

Brussel Sprouts:  Jade Cross

Cucumber:  Burpless, Slicemore, and SMR 58 (pickling)

Onions:  Walla walla, Red Zeppelin, Yellow Sweet Spanish, Candy and White Sweet Spanish

Swiss Chard:  Bright Lights

Cantaloupe:  Delicious 51

Kohlrabi:  Duke

Eggplant:  Fairy Tale and Dusky

Lettuce:  Simply city garden


All the rest of our  VEGETABLE Plants

Broccoli:  Premium Crop, Green Magic and Broccoli Raab

Cabbage:  KK Cross (early), golden acre (early), pennant (mid/hybrid)

late flat dutch, savoy express and ruby perfection (red).

Cauliflower:  Snow crown.

2014 New and Popular ANNUALS

Million Bells:  Pomegranate Punch

Million Bells:  Spicy                                             Million Bells:  Lemon Slice

Zinnia: Profusion Double Hot Cherry              Zinnia: Profusion Double Deep Salmon           Zinnia:  Profusion Double Yellow

Canna:  South Pacific Scarlet                                    Angelonia: Angelface                                                    Petunia:  African Sunset

Geranium:  Boldly Series                                             Lobularia:  White Knight                                              Geranium:  Timeless Series

Supertunia:  Flamingo                                              Pennisetum:  Fireworks                                                        Superbena:  Royale Plum Wine

2014 New and Popular PERENNIALS

Dianthus;  Fruit Punch Apple Slice                    Leucanthemum:  Banana Cream                                 Dianthus: Fruit Punch Coconut Punch

Heuchera:  Blackberry Ice                                       Daylilly:  Primal Scream                                                     Heuchera:  Cinnamon Curls

Hosta:  Autumn Frost                                                Hibiscus:  Summerific Cherry Cheesecake              Hosta:  Hudson Bay

Hosta:  Empress Wu


Apple Trees:  Lodi                                                       Apple Trees:  Cortland                                                                   Apple Trees:  Northern Spy

Apple Trees:  Honey Crisp                                       Cherry Trees:  Northstar                                                          Blueberries:  Northland

Blueberries:  Bluecrop                                       Blueberries:  Bluetta                                                                 Grapes:  King of the North

Raspberry:  Latham                                              Strawberry:  Ozark Beauty                                                       Strawberry:  Honeoye

Asparagus:  Jersey Giant                                  Sweet Potato:  Beauregard                                                                                   Garlic                                           

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Potting Soil: Premium Sungro                           Composted Cow Manure: Whitetail Organics                                  Fertilizers

Rhubarb:  Canada Red

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